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DISTRIBUTION & HABITAT (Clutton-Brock 1981) (Forstén 1988) (IUCN Red List 2008) (Nowak 1999) (Starkey & Starkey 1997) Distribution. Populations of wild asses (E

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The donkey or ass (Equus africanus asinus) is a domesticated member of the family, Equidae. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass, E. africanus.

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All wild equids—s, zebras, and wild asses—are threatened; however, the Somali wild ass is critically endangered. Political unrest, encroachment of their land

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ass 1 (ăs) n. pl. ass·es (ăs′ĭz) 1. Any of several hoofed mammals of the genus Equus, resembling and closely related to the s but having a smaller build

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