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The Rundu Men “Am I Dreaming?” Short Video Series is a series of short video clips where a sleeping beauty falls asleep and ‘dreams’ about the Rundu Men.

» Places of Interest | Namibia, Botswana Equestrian Statue. The Equestrian Statue that used to stand where the new museum is situated now It is a large statue

, – News, statistics and information about Namibia on

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Musvorologist Munashe Bhobho mai Rihanna.She is a house technician in Marondera and sending her musvos to men for money and airtime.

Frank Fredericks, born in Windhoek in October 1967, took the Commonwealth Games Men’s 200 Metres record at the 1994 Games in Victoria, Canada.

Calendar. The hot 2016 MENRUNDU STYLE – Satin Dreams Calendar along with the FREE 2016 Rundu Men DVD are coming in a few days! Click button below for a sneak peek.

A nomadic group of people who inhabit the north western Kaokoland region of Namibia

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Savate Day (21 May) is today still honoured by the 32Bn Veterans Association as a general remembrance day to all those who had fallen while serving in the unit.

In the northeast corner of Namibia lies the market town of Rundu

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