Pee After Sex

Common Sex Injuries and how to fix them

My story: A few weeks after I met my new teenfriend (now my wife!) we talked about our secret sex fantasies. It took some time, but one day I told her I want her to

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If you have a vagina, you’ve probably been told (maybe several times) that you’re supposed to pee after sex. It’s just one of those unwritten rules, that we all

As it turns out, everyone’s urine is suffused with a distinct odor after eating asparagus. But only some people can detect it. WebMD the Magazine asked an expert to

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I get my sex tips through ignoring Cosmopolitan, sometimes learning from Cosmopolitan, my buddies, and good old-fashioned experience. But I got one very prominent

At this point, if you had a dollar for every time someone told you to pee after sex, you’d have enough to buy a truckload of AZO. But beyond the whole sex-then-pee

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If it hurts to pee after sex there might be several reasons why. Use this guide to figure out what your reason might be — and if it’s serious.

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So, how do you go about it? Just one thing: pee after sex! According to reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Alan Copperman, the fact that the anus is anatomically very

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Hot Piss Sex, I like to pee a teen in mouth and lick her ass after she was on toilet and shit.Watch Piss Pee in Hot Teen Mouth

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You are likely aware that the anus is pretty darn close to the vagina. This means that fecal bacteria is also nearby, even in the cleanest of women. This situation

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