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Surgut (Russian: Сургут; IPA: ) is a city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located on the Ob River near its junction with the Irtysh River.

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The Ammo Section Of Mosin-Nagant Dot Net. 110 Years Of The 7.62X54R . From Gene Whitehead. The system of markings and colors used on

Adjectives are used to describe people and objects. Learn how use adjectives in Russian with our free online grammar lesson.

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The Russian accusative case is used to represent the object of a sentence. Our list of simple rules shows you how to simply form the accusative case in Russian. Learn

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The Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution was the most important revolution of the 20 th century, and was one of the most important revolutions in the history of

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Overview. This section provides an introduction to the options available to you when developing a PHP application that needs to interact with a MySQL database.

Mosin Nagant, Mosin Nagant Rifle, M38 Carbine, M39 Mosin Nagant, Finnish Mosin Nagant, M27, Model 27 Mosin Nagant, M2830, M28/30, M28-30, Simo Hayha, Tuco, Vic Thomas

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Russian/Soviet/WarPac Ground Based ECM Systems Technical Report APA-TR-2009-0501: by Dr Carlo Kopp, AFAIAA, SMIEEE, PEng May 2009 Updated June, 2009

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