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joy·ous (joi′əs) adj. Feeling, showing, or causing joy; joyful. See Synonyms at glad1. joy′ous·ly adv. joy′ous·ness n. joyous (ˈdʒɔɪəs) adj 1. having a

When the British took control of the Old Northwest following the French and Indian War, Ottawa Chief Pontiac masterminded and led a rebellion against the British.

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Jun 2001 : 8 Jun 2001: Suck brings back the spirit of history’s great vacationers: 7 Jun 2001: Hit & Run 6.7.01 Eternal returns: 6 Jun 2001: Filler 06.6.01

Sienna Miller, Actress: Foxcatcher. Sienna Rose Diana Miller was born in New York City, but was raised in London, England. Her man, Edwin “Ed” Miller, who is

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe is one of 11 Virginia Indian tribes recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the state’s only federally recognized tribe, receiving

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Alleges party was formed by the British to resist Lesotho’s independence in 1966 BNP hits back calling premier ‘a pathetic liar who distorts information for

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Sports stars dress to impress to celebrate magazine issue that show’s world’s biggest athletes naked

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Samoset, also Somerset, (c. 1590–1653) was an Abenaki sagamore and the first Native American to make contact with the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony.

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Biographies of the historical figures that inspired the Disney movie.

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