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These toys confirm the presence of the Monarch organization introduced in the 2014 Godzilla film! Let the shared universe commence!

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Plot. In 1954, Godzilla, an ancient alpha predator, is lured to an island in an attempt to kill it with a nuclear bomb. In 1999, Monarch scientists Ishiro Serizawa

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Kong: Skull Island is a 2017 film co-produced by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. that serves

In his native Japan, Godzilla has been featured in various comic books since his inception in 1954. These comics for the most part were black and white publications

Godzilla toys from Toys”R”Us will mesmerize ren as they reenact scenes from the iconic movie. Find Godzilla figures in various sizes and reincarnations.

Now that you’ve seen Kong: Skull Island, find out when the next film in the MonsterVerse hits theaters. The franchise includes both King Kong and Godzilla.

Home of Twisted Kaiju Theater: A Godzilla Toy story, where Mothra is just another tasty bug.

Most people think of Godzilla as an amusing piece of camp culture, a big rubber monster that comically tromps through a model set of downtow

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Godzilla was portrayed by suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma. Is known as the Heisei series Godzilla (平成シリーズ ゴジラ), even though the Heisei era didn’t

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