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The Arthur C. Custance Library ( The Doorway Papers This gifted Canadian Bible scholar of the previous generation has left a wonderful series of

Interspecific Interactions Between a Dolphin and Whale 123 2d). Each lift lasted from 4 to 45 s. At 1752 h, prior to the last two lifts, the mother slapped her

The bottlenose dolphin is perhaps one of the most well known cetaceans, because of its widespread use in marine parks and research facilities.

The amazon river dolphin is a small dolphin that can be found swimming in the Amazon river. These marine mammals belong to the family commonly known as Cetacea which

Etymology. The name is originally from Greek δελφίς (delphís), “dolphin”, which was related to the Greek δελφύς (delphus), “womb”. The ‘s name can

Take a closer look at some of our s through the live web cams at the Vancouver Aquarium. Watch our playful sea otters and charming belugas in real time.

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Dolphin Caught on Film. Australian tourist, Karl Jurg, captured a horrifying event while vacationing in Florida. Jurg told reporters, “It was a nice day, the

Highest rated Dana Point whale watching eco-tour. No crowded fishing boats ever. Saving whales, helping s. Whale watching Newport, Whale watching Laguna

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“I am very grateful to my close friends at the (sponsors of Blue Letter Bible and other fine web sites). They have graciously agreed to host my web

Dolphin is a video game console emulator for the GameCube and Wii that runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. It had its inaugural release in 2003 as freeware

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