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Learn about the honor of achieving the Cum Laude title and difference between summa and magna cum laude.

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Cum laude definition, with honor: used in diplomas to grant the lowest of three special honors for grades above the average. See more.

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She worked incredibly hard throughout her time at college, eventually graduating magna cum laude, the second highest distinction a student can get.

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Cum Laude, Magna, Summa, Honor Role, Graduating With Honors, Mean, Definition, Requirements, GPA, Convocation, College, High college, Initiation, Ceremonies, Induction

Magna cum laude definition, with great praise: used in diplomas to grant the next-to-highest of three special honors for grades above the average. See more.

cum lau·de (ko͝om lou′də, lou′dē, kŭm lô′dē) adv. & adj. With honor. Used to express academic distinction: graduated cum laude; 25 cum laude graduates

A latin phrase meaning “with honors.” This distinction is given to graduates, usually from a college or university, who have received the third highest level of

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Jun 18, 2017 · Usage notes . In the USA, there are three honors often added to diplomas and degrees, and two others less commonly used. cum laude– with honor

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This year’s class includes: 881 Associate of Arts Degree candidates 39 Summa Cum Laude 61 Magna Cum Laude 92 Cum Laude 423 Associate of Applied Business Degree

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