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How to remove lint from clothes and how to prevent and reduce excessive lint in your laundry routine.

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Puretec is dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of leading edge water filtration products and to provide unrivaled backup.

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Family owned and operated since 1974, Trail Appliances is the leading independent appliance retailer in Western Canada. 15 stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and

Your local Culligan Man can come and perform a basic water test in your home or office to understand the makeup of your water. Make your water test appointment today.

Many customers who have water softeners installed in their houses notice that their skin feels “slippery” after a bath. Some customers say, “My water is too soft!

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A leading Winnipeg based Water Delivery company with 13 locations to serve you. For your home or office, custom bottle labels, water coolers and more.

Soft water feels noticeably smooth to the skin. It also makes your home easy to clean by reducing hard-water build-up.

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Waterwise water distillers produce up to 16 gallons a day of 100% steam purified water for home, laboratory, and office.

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Find state-of-the-art home water softening systems that solve hard water problems in your home. Contact your Culligan Man to learn more.

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Bottleless Water Coolers, home and office Filtered Water Machines that need no bottles and deliver pure hot & cold water. Free shipping in US on ALL Coolers!

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