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From a 2.5lb ney stone to a 5-inch knife plunged into a patient’s head, some of the most bizarre and funny X-Rays ever seen. WARNING: the following pictures are

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X-ray appearances of sacrum and pelvic bone fractures. Description of sacral fractures and fractures of the pubic ramus – pubic rami, acetabular fractures, avulsion

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Your doctor can use X-ray imaging to view the inside of your body. Read more about the purpose, procedure, and risks of an X-ray of the pelvis.

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I am a heterosexual submissive male. This blog is extremely NSFW and should only be viewed by adults! I own none of the pictures posted on this blog. All of these

Radiology Masterclass Trauma X-ray- Tutorial – Lower limb X-rays – X-rays of Hip fractures and the femoral neck, also known as neck of femur fractures or NOF fractures.

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Bruised ribs may also result due to severe chronic coughing. Bruised ribs are different from broken or cracked ribs in a way that in broken ribs, the injury is

Knee X-Rays and Detecting Abnormalities What can be seen on x-rays of your knees

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