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By: Malcolm Sanford There have been a lot of questions recently about “Russian honey bees.” The term is increasingly making its way into the beekeeping literature

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Russian Honeybee Breeders Association “The primary purpose of the corporation will be to maintain and improve the genetic lines of Russian honey bees through

Here is a description of our 2017 nucs: – The price for each nuc at the date and time of this email has been set to $165.00. – The nuc will be shipped/picked up

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It is known that the parents of the current Primorsky (Russian) species of bees were brought from Western Europe in 1850 by Ukrainian immigrants.

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think bees is a family bee business in North and South Craolins, we sell raw local honey and have Russian Honey Bees

package bees in ohio pick up and shipping dates 3# & 4# package bees 4 frame nucs available. all come with the italian queen inew hive with package bees also

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We have used genetic stock from the USDA-ARS Russian breeding program since 2001. Russian honey bees are all that we own. We believe it is impossible to raise a

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Quality Queen bees! Russian, Cordovan, Italian, Carniolan and Minnesota Hygienic! Breeder Queens, Instrumentally Inseminated Queen bees! Instrumental Insemination

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