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EcoSalon’s favorite quotes celebrating sex and sexuality. Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact. -Marlene Dietrich

Here are 15 crazy-funny quotes about sex from famous ladies we love. How many do you relate to?

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Jul 19, 2014 · Did Neil Armstrong say ‘Good luck, Mr. Gorsky’ during the Apollo 11 moon landing?

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Jul 16, 2017 · Large, searchable compilation of quotations arranged by topic. Inspirational, thought-provoking, humorous, literary, and special occasion quotes.

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Good Quotations by Famous People: Famous quotes, witty quotes, and funny quotations collected by Gabriel Robins over the years.

In my previous post, The Wisdom of Programming Quotes, I called out some quotes that look good on the surface, but turn out to promote the wrong ideas about software

Get inspired to get busy with this list of 70 famous, funny, and poignant sex quotes.

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