Penis Cake Molds

The Confectionery House offers quality supplies for the serious baker, cake decorator and candy maker.

Penis cake pans, jello molds, and penis ice sculpture molds from your penis cake experts.

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Searching for erotic cakes and adult bachelorette cake? Our Erotic Bakery has penis cakes, boob cakes, vagina cakes and more! Delivering Custom Birthday Cakes in all

Are you the maid of honor so loyal, you’re willing to venture into the challenging world of penis-centric baking? We’ve got the bachelorette party supplies every

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Our molds are constructed of strong plastic with deep intricate designs. These will produce a much more elegant chocolate than thin, shallow, less detailed molds.

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Molds for soap, wax, plaster, resin, concrete, paper mache, and hot glue. NOT FOR FOOD USE. Our molds are made of strong, flexible rubber. These flexible molds are

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