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jeibi volume 2, issue no. 3, fall, 2005

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Larger image : Z-Vibe. The Z-Vibe, previously known as the DnZ-Vibe, is a vibrating tool for oral-motor stimulation and sensory input, designed by a speech-language

When can therapy for oral motor skills begin? How can I get help for my ? Speech uses the same muscles that are used for sucking, swallowing, feeding, eating

New Visions provides continuing education and therapy services to professionals and parents working with infants and ren with feeding, swallowing, oral-motor

Wrongly used by most therapists, oral-motor therapy uses a variety of exercises to develop awareness, strength, coordination and mobility of the oral muscles.

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The homepage for training in the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol taught by Debra Beckman

Oral motor therapy works on the oral skills necessary for proper speech and feeding development. Z-Vibes, straws, Lip Bloks, and chew tools are excellent ways to

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non oral to oral feeding …and then the big question: how do we get to eating? elli emmanuel – grim. pediatric speech language pathologist

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Oral Motor Dysfunction and Therapy With most apraxic ren it’s not that they physically ‘can’t’ blow bubbles or blow out candles etc. -it’s that they can’t do it

FEEDING : REN WITH FEEDING TUBES PART 2: TREATMENT PROGRAMS When should a be referred for treatment? Many infants and ren are referred for treatment

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