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We study how environmental and workplace factors affect human health and how to prevent these exposures and adverse outcomes. Our goal—through research, teaching

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What is asbestos? Asbestos is the name given to a group of naturally occurring minerals that are resistant to heat and corrosion. Asbestos has been used in products

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WHO’s work on occupational health is governed by the Global Plan of Action on Workers’ Health 2008-2017, endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2007.

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration – Home Thank You for Visiting Our Website You are exiting the Department of Labor’s Web server.

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As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) “occupational health deals with all aspects of health and safety in the workplace and has a strong focus on primary

About the Commission. The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission is an independent federal agency, providing administrative trial and appellate review

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OHG. Our clinics are built upon the strengths and resources of our qualified medical staff. Our physicians are dedicated, occupational medicine providers who fully

wH0/0cHf95.1 Global Strategy on Occupational Health for All The Way to Health at Work. _ Recommendation of the Second Meeting of the WHO Collaborating Centres in

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OSHA Occupational Health and Safety Manual. Policies, safety procedures, safety forms and job safety analysis.

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Welcome to the website for The Occupational and Environmental Health Center of Eastern New York (OEHC). We are 1 of 11 regional occupational health clinical centers

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