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There are a lot of rumours flying around about left-handed people.

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Directed by Arthur Penn. With Paul Newman, Lita Milan, John Dehner, Hurd Hatfield. After his employer is murdered by rival cattlemen, a troubled and uneducated

Bias based on handedness is bias or design, conscious or not, usually against people who are left-handed. Part of this is due to design in the world which is often

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25 facts about left handed people – from the scientific, to the interesting, to the downright bizarre! Click here to read.

philes are often left-handed and have superficial deformities on their face or neck.

A relationship between handedness and sexual orientation has been suggested by a number of researchers, who report that heterosexual individuals are somewhat more

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Financial aid for college is not something that has ever been “one size fits all”. Funding for your education takes many forms, and comes from many different sources.

There are lots of myths, misunderstandings and urban legends about being left handed and left handed people.

Photos.com. Studies have shown that the number of left-handers who make it to old age is drastically lower than the number of their right-handed peers.

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Scientists have long wondered why left-handed people are a rarity. Stories about being slapped on the wrist for being a lefty aside, there must be some deeper

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