Homemade Maple Butter

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Make your own maple syrup with 4 ingredients in under 10 minutes.

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This butter is delicious spread over toast or on top of pancakes, waffles, and French toast.

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If you haven’t already, you should learn how to make butter. It’s so simple that I believe everyone needs to make homemade butter at least once.

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Love peanut butter? ME TOO! Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to make homemade peanut butter plus 3 ways to flavor it!

Cashew, Maple & Turmeric Butter Makes 1 cup This is amazingly tasting flavored nut butter is probably our favorite thing ever to put on top of a sandwich or as a

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You can make great tasting butter at home just by putting heavy cream in a food processor and running it till it turns into butter.

Step by step tutorial for making homemade fruit butter. Seven recipes included, all following the basic and incredibly easy steps.

This is easily the most delicious almond butter I’ve ever tasted! The secret to this incredible nut butter is to coat the almonds in maple syrup, hemp hearts, chia

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Hi! I just made this pumpkin butter. It is so amazing! I could barley get it into the jars without eating it! I have been reading your blog for about a month now.

Homemade pecan butter slightly sweetened with maple syrup, vanilla, and spiced with cinnamon. You won’t be able to stop eating this!

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