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A list of TG Comics, TG Mangas, TG Comic Sites, TG Comic Archives and much more concerning TG in comics. The site also showes if they are drawn, stacked or rendered

Elena Starz Just a lover of TG Captions who decided to express this pleasure for others’ enjoyment by creating this blog under my alter ego. I really like hypnotism

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Serena Starz TG Captions. Caption blog about blondes, bimbos, hypnosis caps, and other TG things. Inspired by Elena Starz

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The poll is now open and you can find it right over here —->. It will be open for a week and you can only vote for one. Your votes will decide who wins and who gets

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Mrs. Silk’s site for transvestites, crossdressers,sissymaids

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TG stories, TG Fiction, TG Comics, Transgender fiction, transvestite and crossdressing fiction stories about TG transformations.

A brand new caption story was released today. Entitled “Spiral”, it follows a man who, after a fateful encounter with an alpha male, is feminized by his teenfriend.

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As John woke up he knew something was wrong. He had strange dreams that he was a teen at a bar and guys kept buying him drinks. He eventually danced with a few and

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