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A Janis Joplin biopic has long been touted, and one finally seems to be moving ahead with purpose after it was reported that Amy Adams will star as the legendary singer.

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Commentary and essays on pointless issues, movie reviews, and the Badass of the Week.

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Talking about all the things movie lovers love.

Director Shane Black has posted the first official image from The Predator, showing the badass cast gathered together.

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Badassery doesn’t come naturally. It’s a skill, and in Hollywood, not everyone can be a total badass. But for these seven women, kicking ass on screen and taking

Burger Babe: Veronica Marti Hometown: Venezuela My Favorite Baby’s BADASS Burger is the ALL AMERICAN teen because of its classic ways! Burger Babe: Traysee Chaplin

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The Ultimate List of Badass Warriors from History and Mythology

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The Badass Baritone trope as used in popular culture. He is a manly man, and he has a manly voice to prove it. A character of this sort must fulfill two …

It turns out some of Hollywood’s most grossly unrealistic characters were based on real people.

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